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Last Updated on: April 15, 2022

The eCommerce development technology market is projected to grow up to $6.3 billion by 2023. As per the latest trends, WooCommerce is the second most used eCommerce development platform with a market share of 23.43%.

However, it is not all you need to choose WooCommerce while availing eCommerce website development services.

WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin used by small-scale to large-scale eCommerce businesses to create online storefronts through existing WordPress sites.

WooCommerce is considered one of the simplest ways to incorporate interactive eCommerce capabilities into your WordPress site.

This blog post discusses the primary reasons for choosing WooCommerce for your eCommerce development project.

Freedom of Opensource

WooCommerce is an open-source plugin which means you can leverage business-friendly product upgrades, smart category management facility, easy migration, etc., which is not possible with a closed eCommerce platform.

WooCommerce allows you to access the code and customize your website independently in order to address issues and customize different segments of your website. You can redistribute the software licenses as a component through a variety of sources.

The plugin provides a modular system using which you can use your favorite features to meet the complex application demands.

The eCommerce developers can obtain the source code for reasonable production costs.

Easy Setup

WooCommerce is a customizable eCommerce that indulges in custom components that enrich personalization within the application. Post activating the plugin, developers need to complete the profiler that comprises location, niche, offerings, and other important information about the business.

The setup would allow the effective implementation of simple and dynamic shipping and payment interfaces.

The best thing about building your eCommerce store using WooCommerce is, that once developed, you can always customize basic elements on your own without writing a single line of code. The plugin engages in easy navigation, so you can understand the setup process in a few minutes.

With such a facility, business owners get complete control over the eCommerce storefront. It allows easy integration of third-party extensions.

Availability of Themes

WooCommerce provides an extensive range of themes on the platform. eCommerce developers can choose from a list of niche-specific themes available on their websites. There are 45+ themes on the WooCommerce theme store. You can find themes for different industry niches such as arts and crafts, bookings, digital, electronics, software, food, health, beauty, sports, etc.

You can avail of eCommerce website development services to help you customize the existing themes on WooCommerce up to your requirements.

eCommerce developers can leverage countless themes, unrestricted customization, built-in blogging, embed products, checkout, categories, tags, attributes, location-based measurements, product sorting, etc.

Extended Functionalities

On WooCommerce, you can anytime add new functionalities by integrating extensions available on WooCommerce. You can use both free or paid extensions anytime to incorporate new functionality.

To enrich the existing functionalities, implement new elements, and make the eCommerce app more functional and easy to use, business owners can preferably use WooCommerce as the platform provides a dedicated space for downloading extensions and plugins.

These extended functionalities allow the developers to provide merchants with an intuitive personalization through the application. WooCommerce extensions provide effective ways to meet the evolving security, performance, and marketing needs. In the age of transforming digital analytics, WooCommerce is full of wonders when it comes to providing sophisticated and personalized data to platform users.

Powered By WordPress

WordPress powers about 455 million websites over the internet. WooCommerce is its primary eCommerce plugin. This eCommerce plugin comes with the credibility of the most used CRM in the world.

WooCommerce is developed by WordPress which makes it incredibly compatible with the world’s best content management system. It provides CMS tools, systems, and publishing tools to engage in high-quality access to all WordPress resources. This eCommerce plugin is easy-to-use, secure, and adaptable.

Getting the best eCommerce website development services can be simpler as there are a large number of service providers using WordPress-powered WooCommerce for eCommerce projects.

Smooth Migration of Data

Smooth, secure, and efficient migration of data is crucial either while moving from one eCommerce platform to another or WooCommerce store to another WooCommerce store.

It is always simple and flexible to migrate the data from one place to another on WooCommerce.

The eCommerce plugin allows eCommerce developers to extract data in CSV files to import and export it to the target site.

If you have built your existing eCommerce storefront on a platform other than WooCommerce, you can easily migrate the product catalogs, orders, categories, reviews, and other elements to WooCommerce.

The eCommerce plugin engages in significantly flexible storage and migration of data.

 Safe & Secure

WooCommerce utilizes advanced security plugins to monitor, audit, and upgrade the security of the eCommerce applications. The security features packed within the WooCommerce plugin effectively rectify malware-related issues with analytical monitoring of existing bugs and errors. The plugin provides both free and paid tools to address and analyze the security standards of your eCommerce application.

WooCommerce uses the Sucuri plugin for security features which administer customized email alerts, scheduled scanning, allowlists, and blocklists.

Businesses using WooCommerce get a free SSL certificate which can be installed with a few clicks. On all of their paid products such as plugins and extensions, the customers get a 30-days money-back guarantee which allows a swift exit from any subscriptions.

Large Community Support

To resolve most of the queries, you can rely upon the extensive community support offered by WooCommerce. The platform offers blogs, FAQs, and other resources to help you get answers to your questions.

Documentation is the key in the community support system developed by WordPress developers working on WooCommerce.

The development community at WooCommerce keeps improving the code and implementing new capabilities to the eCommerce plugin. You can also join the community of 1000+ third-party developers who are inspiring businesses to leverage the WooCommerce plugin to the best of its offerings.


Using an eCommerce plugin like WooCommerce can only save your time but also can reduce the development costs. It can help you grow your eCommerce app revenues and customer base by significant margins.

A WooCommerce development company can help you design and develop a website or storefront in no time using extensions for every segment, i.e., Subscriptions, Bookings, Membership, Payment Gateway, Shipping, and more.

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