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Last Updated on: September 21, 2021

List of Best GPL Sites: Plugins and Themes For Everyone

Well, in daily life, every one of us prefers to use resources that are not only affordable but also quality ones. New bloggers also experience the same problem if they are on a tight budget at the beginning. If you are in the same state looking for the best GPL site, then look no further. 

GPL (GNU Public License) is a free software license. It allows us to edit and modify the code of any program, provided the program remains open-source. Products under GPL license are accessible to everyone, and they can use them without any worries.

List of 5 Best GPL Sites In 2021

Who provides you the right product, whether free or paid? This question remains on the top and becoming common due to the increasing number of GPL sites. Today, we’ll be reviewing the 5 best GPL sites that you can rely on to download and use their products.

GPL Plus

The top pick on our list is GPL Plus, which is the most popular website among GPL sites. You can purchase and download premium plugins and themes (each) at $4.99. One of the membership plans they offer is for $24.99 per month, which we strongly recommend. 

Theme Price

The second GPL site that we recommend to our fellow bloggers is Theme Price. What we love about them the most is there are 4000+ products. You can download plugins and themes for free, and some premium ones are for $4. So, if you want to purchase in bulk, go for this website.


GrabPlugin for the number of products available could be a choice of many, 15,000 WordPress plugins and themes. According to Internet Marketer, this site has earned the badge of #1 GPL site. They provide 100% genuine GPL products with installation support and regular updates.

GPL Guru

As the name indicates, GPL Guru is the leader of all GPL licensed products providers. They offer many items; the only disappointing thing is the plugins and themes are a bit costly, i.e., $8. But, the monthly membership plan is somehow affordable.

GPL Zone

Our final pick on the list of best GPL sites is GPL Zone. This platform offers GPL-licensed products not only for WordPress but also for eCommerce stores. They offer 6 months and yearly plans. For the 6-month subscription plan, they charge $19 for all plugins and themes.

Final Words: Best GPL Sites

As there are a lot of GPL sites, picking the right one becomes difficult. You have to consider a lot of factors and do extensive research to know about the provider. We suggest you read the terms and conditions of every website that you want to use before purchasing any product.

That was all from our side about the best GPL sites available nowadays. If you are still confused about which one you should go for, drop a comment below, and we’ll help you. Also, if you are using any of our listed websites, share your experience with us.

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