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Last Updated on: June 12, 2022

There are over 2000+ packages available in the official Laravel Packages directory today, and more are being added every day by the community of developers using the framework. So how do you know which ones to use for your next project? 

Here’s our list of the best packages you should consider if you are looking to build your next application with Laravel.

But before going ahead, it is important to know – 

What is a Package?

A package is a collection of files that can be reused within multiple applications. Packages have a specific directory structure, naming conventions, and requirements to ensure that they are reusable across different applications. 

The benefit of using packages is reusability. This allows developers to quickly create new applications without starting from scratch by utilizing existing code written by other developers in an open-source environment.

Best Packages for your next Laravel Project 


  • Spatie 

The Spatie package is a high-quality Laravel model and form generator. It generates code based on a simple configuration file that allows you to create entire models, forms, or even views from scratch without writing any code. No more copy/pasting of small blocks of code or lengthy factories.

Spatie makes it easy to reuse previously written model, form, and view components. That way you can keep your controllers lean and use only what is really needed for each specific case.

  • Entrust

You can quickly set up cross-application user authentication with Entrust. This package makes it easy to share user data across different applications and supports social login providers such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, GitHub, LinkedIn, and Bitbucket out of the box. It also allows you to define custom providers based on a specific OAuth server.

  • Laravel Debugbar

Debugbar is a package that lets you add a fully customizable dashboard to any Laravel application. With Laravel Debugbar, you can track user requests, DB queries, and much more. The package also allows real-time updates so that you can immediately view how your app behaves during development.

  • Laravel User Verification

The Laravel-User-Verification package provides you with two services; a simple User Verification Service and an Event that is triggered when a user’s verification status changes.

The service will provide functionality similar to those provided by social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, where new users must confirm their email address or login before their account can be considered verified. 

Since email addresses are often tied to phone numbers, you may also choose to use SMS verification as well.

  • Socialite

This package provides an easy-to-use authentication system, powered by Laravel Passport. Socialite handles user registration and account requests. It’s a great tool if you’re developing a public site that needs to allow users to register and log in with their favourite social networks such as Twitter, GitHub, or Facebook.

  • Laravel Mix

The mix makes it easy to organize your front-end package dependencies and run tasks that compile, minify, and preprocess CSS and JavaScript. The Laravel Mix artisan command provides a convenient way to compile all of your front-end assets from a single command. 

The mix is a package manager of sorts that allows you to organize, install, and publish a variety of resources. Its primary function is to provide Elixir support, but it also serves as a general-purpose package manager that you can use to add non-Elixir packages to your Laravel application.

  • Laravel GraphQL

GraphQL is a new way to build applications, from Facebook. This package allows you to take advantage of that technology in a way that makes sense with Laravel. It comes out of the box with Type-ORM which extends Eloquent and adds some GraphQL-specific functionalities.

The biggest benefit of GraphQL is that it doesn’t require you to know anything about how your data is stored on the server. Instead, it lets you define exactly what data you need and get exactly that back. This allows developers to build applications faster and more efficiently than ever before.

If you are not familiar with GraphQL and its concepts, don’t worry about it. The documentation explains everything well enough and is easy to follow along on.

  • No Captcha

This package provides integration with reCaptcha on all major browsers. This can help you to prevent spam submissions, as well as prevent bots from visiting and potentially indexing sensitive pages.

  • Telescope 

The telescope is a package that allows you to inspect any event across an entire Laravel application. It provides a clean, simple interface for managing events and observers.

Telescopecope allows you to be notified about events in real-time so you can immediately jump into action and debug an issue before it becomes a problem. 

If you’ve ever had trouble debugging events in Laravel applications, or if you just need a great package to handle event management, Telescope is definitely worth checking out. Plus, it’s open-source. 

10 ) Laravel Backup

The Laravel Backup package provides a simple backup system out of the box. It’s not intended to be an enterprise-grade backup solution, but it will work well in most cases. The backup can be scheduled with a variety of storage options. Additionally, you can manually create backups whenever you wish to do so.


The Laravel is an open-source PHP framework for web development. It is a simple, elegant, and powerful web application framework. Here we have collected the best Laravel packages from all over the internet. If you’re working on any Laravel project then you should use these useful Laravel packages in your project or partner with a Laravel development company. So the above information will help you how to start with it and find out what are they exactly? How to use them? and how can they help our project?

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