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Last Updated on: September 19, 2021

When purchasing plugins and themes for the first time, setting up your new website is a bit difficult. Are you among those who are not sure which provider is best to rely on for quality products? If so, this comparison article on vs. is for you.

GPL Canyon and NetHub are the most popular websites offering GPL-licensed plugins and themes at a low price. For beginner bloggers like you, such platforms are the priority to go with. It saves you a lot of budgets that you can invest in other relevant stuff.

Comparison of vs.

To know which GPL website is best for downloading plugins and themes, you must compare their features. We have done this job for you and will compare both sites to help you finalize your purchase. So, let’s get started without any further ado.

GPL Licensed Products

Before buying any product to use on your website, make sure it is GPL-licensed based. Both the GPL Canyon and NetHub offer plugins and themes that are GPL. You can use their products, edit or modify them according to your preferences. So, there is a tie between them in this concern.

Products Offered

There is a vast difference between the number of products offered by GPL Canyon and NetHub. The former has 6159 items to purchase and download, while the latter provides 1587 items. So, the winner here is GPL Canyon.

One thing we would like to mention is NetHub has a very selective collection of plugins and themes. All the products are the very basic ones needed for designing a website. Thus, you can still download what you need.

Products Updates

GPL Canyon and NetHub both update their products regularly. You have to update the specific plugin or theme whenever they update it. In the case of GPL Canyon, when they update an item, you can also update it within 3 days. 

Refund Policy

Most of the GPL sites have the same refund policy. If you purchase an item that is not working, they’ll try to fix it or refund you. But there is no refund if you change your mind or want to buy another item in replacement. The same is the case with these two platforms.

Pricing: Free or Paid

Lastly, no GPL website is free of use; you’ll have to pay a few bucks. But if we talk about Net-Hub, once you get the subscription, most of the items are free to download. In contrast, GPL Canyon charges some amount. The monthly subscription charges of both are the same, $10.

Final Words: vs.

Well! That was all about the comparison of vs. so far. We highly recommend NetHub because, as a beginner, we try to invest as little in other things as we can. If you have an extra budget and your requirements are high, you can go with GPL Canyon.  

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