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Last Updated on: September 19, 2021

Looking for on-budget plugins and themes for your new website to make it stand out and engage the visitors? If so, you have landed on the right place to know about GPL Downloads and NetHub. These platforms are among the GPL websites and offer such plugins and themes.  

Most people take out a loan for purchasing plugins and themes from developers and use their budget at the start. But this is not a good idea, and you can go for GPL websites. Although they are not developers, you get working products at an affordable price.

Comparison of Vs.

It seems like you are unsure about choosing between these two platforms. If so, this guide on the comparison of vs. Net-hub will clear your mind. In the end, you’ll be able to decide which one is better for you. 

GPL Licensed Products

GPL Downloads and NetHub offer plugins and themes that are GPL-licensed. After you download a product, you can modify it according to your use. Not even a single product on both these websites is illegal, and you can use them without any worries. So, a tie. 

Products Availability

In a nutshell, from these websites, you get any plugin or theme you want. Just go to the search bar, type the name of the item, and there you go. Keep in mind, before downloading the product, read the description carefully to know about it.   

In terms of number, NetHub provides 1587 products while GPL Downloads offers 4,159 items. So, a clear winner here is GPL Downloads, and we don’t think you’ll miss anything.

Products Updates

Both of these platforms update their software regularly, something that is of absolute necessity. At the start, all the products of NetHub come with free one-month updates and downloads. GPL Downloads claim that we daily update our plugins and themes.  

Refund Policy 

Like all other GPL websites, the terms of refund are the same. You’d get a refund if there were any problems with the item you purchased. There is no refund if you could not use the plugin or theme properly and asked for a refund.

Pricing: Free or Paid

Now, when it comes to pricing, we always prefer the one that offers products at an affordable price. For both these platforms, you have to get a subscription to download products. NetHub charges $10, and GPL Downloads charges $15 for a monthly package.   

Final Words: Vs.

In the comparison of Vs., we learned that NetHub is pretty good for new bloggers. Even the monthly subscription charges of NetHub are less than GPL Downloads. We don’t think that you’ll not find your desired product on NetHub. 

How would it feel if you took out a loan for setting up your first website? Bad, for sure. No need to worry. If you could manage a few bucks, you could have your professional website ready. Yes, these are the GPL websites, which are not developers, but offer products on a budget.

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