Is GPL Plugins website legal?2 min read

Last Updated on: May 27, 2022

It is legal, but fundamentally wrong. Developing and supporting a plugin is a lot if work, and the developers can continue to work and improve and help users only if the plugin sells well.

And, if you need help with the plugin, only original developer can help you, so you will need to buy real plugin license, in the end paying twice.

And downloading from third party websites is never safe, many are distributing malware or other malicious code.

Well, that is the unfortunate thing with WordPress GPL and how it effects plugins and themes that are made for it having to fall under the same GPL… leaves room for sites like GPL and Net-Hub ( One of the Best  GPL Site) etc. to redistribute others work, legally.

I personally lost 10’s of thousands of dollars in revenue because people redistributed my WP plugins, costing me sales, thus funds to continue to work and develop the plugins, eventually selling the company and just using the scripts for my own use…

These ‘resellers’ get the best of all situations, no need to create a product and spend hundreds or even thousands of man hours working to develop and test, no need to support a product, just earn cash for giving access to a product.

Granted, many developers seem to ‘overprice’ their plugins at $199 etc, so I see why people are trying to find a way to save, on the other hand, if the developers didn’t have people selling their work for pennies, then they wouldn’t have to mark up their prices to make up for the lost revenue.

Personally, I think that WP should adopt a licensing structure that allows for commercial products to be protected that work with WordPress and its plugin system.

The only way you can really protect yourself is to make your script a SaaS and move your heavy coding to a hosted server and use API to communicate via the plugin you sell for WP.

Nulled WordPress products offer only files. No automatic updates or support.

Think about it. Why would someone share so many paid products with you for free?

They must receive something in return. Maybe money from ads on their site or by redirecting to other sites.

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