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Last Updated on: April 4, 2022

Are you looking to develop functional business apps, but unsure about the selection of technology? Cross-platform development is one of the ideal ways to do relevant app development at desired rates. Flutter and React Native are two app development frameworks popular in the market today that need attention. Both the platforms are two similar facets of cross-platform app development frameworks and are also hailed as rivals. The article is highlighting the major differences between the two to make the selection easy for businesses or developers.

React Native and Flutter are both mobile app development technologies for IOS and Android devices. They serve the same purpose and thus understanding the minute functioning becomes crucial in the selection. If you have a limited budget then Flutter will be a relevant choice and the UI is vital to its core. But React Native becomes an automatic choice for businesses looking for complicated functions in the app. There shouldn’t be any major budget constraints while React Native app development procedure.

The article is here to boost the efforts of selecting the right tech stack, through a detailed discussion on it. But, before the jumpstart to a detailed comparison, let’s first dive in to understand the overview to React Native and Flutter.

Table of Contents

  1. An Overview of React Native
  2. An Overview of Flutter
  3. React Native Vs Flutter: Descriptive Comparison of Both
  4. Final Thoughts!

An Overview of React Native

React Native is the Facebook-backed app development framework and is popular across major brands in the world. But, what is the reason behind its huge popularity in recent years? The simple answer is flexibility. It is providing developers the freedom to use JavaScript and React side by side with other native platforms. Build functional mobile and desktop applications that will work towards taking the business motives forward.

React Native is the open-source framework providing easy implementation of UI components. The other functions of the tool include hot reloading, specified codes for the framework, and best-rated UI support communities. The UI of the framework is managed easily by professional developers and assists in the building of complex applications.

Some of the top brands that prefer React Native for its applications are – Skype, Bloomberg, Tesla, Facebook, Vogue, and others. All of them have a supportive online ecosystem and the trend is booming high demand for the framework.

An Overview of Flutter

It is the Google-backed cross-platform mobile app development tool. Flutter is providing developers a simple way to build attractive applications for mobile, web, and desktop devices that use a single code base. The framework is having a complete app development ecosystem and is free to use. It is loaded with top functions and it’s an open-source tool.

Some of the desired results of the Flutter app development framework include apps with material design and MVP mobile apps. You get advanced OS plugins and high-performing apps with proper use of the framework.

Flutter is one of the popular app development companies among companies like Topline, OfflinePal, Alibaba, Hookle, BMW, eBay, Reflectly, and others. The app is addressed as a top-level UI toolkit used for cross-development apps with a single codebase. Get access to develop flexible UI and it is supported by a team of Google developers.

React Native Vs Flutter: Descriptive Comparison of Both

Programming Language

React Native is written in JavaScript with help of React and is among the popular languages across the globe. The JavaScript library can be used for building supportive user interfaces and simple web development. JavaScript is one of the commonly used programming languages and thus assembling or training a React Development team is easy.

Flutter is written in Dart and the language was introduced by Google in 2011. Dart is having multiple benefits as a client-optimized programming language. It resembles different OOP languages, like C++ and Java. Developers with relevant knowledge of the mentioned programming language can pick the development process easily.


React Native is the kind of app development framework that is enabling easy communication between the native language and JavaScript. Both sides are communicating using JSON messages and it is asynchronous. You’ll get a smooth app interface and the chances of a lagging UI is low as the bridge impacts the rendering speed.

Flutter doesn’t require any kind of bridge to communicate with the native components. The framework has all things filled within it, including Material Design & Cupertino. Get more stable apps on different platforms than the React Native app. A little bit of information related to the architecture and training will lead to easy adoption of the development process.

App Performance

React Native is considered to have lower performance than Flutter because of the JavaScript Bridge. The app performance can be enhanced to the next level using third-party libraries that optimize the bytecodes easily. It also eliminates Slowlog which helps the setting of performance timers to resolve the relating troubles.

The performance of Flutter is regarded highly as compared to React Native due to its non-requirement of the bridge for communication. It uses the Skia graphics library that ensures redrawing of the UI each time with changes in the application view. Developers prefer Flutter more than React Native just for a single big reason.

Complex App Development

Developers like both the app development frameworks due to their open-source projects and the use of third-party libraries. But, if we compare Reactive Native and Flutter in terms of feasibility, then we can conclude that the latter is preferable for complex app development.

React Native is preferred over Flutter to deliver the best for building complex native apps. The app will be hybrid and not cross-platform. The entire process of complex app development involves the use of JavaScript, with proper utilization of native development skills.

Flutter is unsuitable for complex app development, but startups are starting to use Flutter as a reliable solution for MVP apps. It can be used in the best manner to build safe prototypes and do the relevant experiments.

Ease of Testing

React Native is having no official support testing and just a few unit-level testing frameworks for tests. Developers need to rely on third-party tools to do the testing of apps. The framework is relying on third-party libraries for building and releasing the automation. React Native is supporting the developers to define the manual process of deploying the apps using Xcode.

Flutter is offering excellent support for the automated testing of the apps functioning with a dart. The framework offers a number of testing features at the integration level and widget to ensure relevant documentation related to it. It is supporting robust documentation to build the Android and IOS app on the Play Store. Using the app development framework, the developers can document the deployment process easily.

Final Thoughts!

Each of the frameworks is having its unique features and the company needs to select one as per the requirement. The Flutter is considered better for building bigger apps, but React Native is still the preferred choice for complex apps. Talk with the professional developers to understand both the app development framework and its relevance. One of the best ideas will be to hire a reputed application development agency with all-around experience in developing different kinds of apps. Make the decision based on the current needs and the scope of development.

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