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Last Updated on: September 14, 2021

HP EliteBooks are HP’s premium business range laptops. These make a great alternative to Lenovo’s main ThinkPad range.

There are 2 prices for each model in this guide.
The prices listed in BOLD are the outright buying prices. This is what you should expect to pay if you want your laptop right now.
The prices in NON-BOLD are the ideal Online Auction price. This is what you should expect to pay if you are willing to sit around on eBay for auctions and Craigslist.


Why EliteBook?

  • Extremely strong magnesium-alloy lid construction which can withstand up to 1000lbs (450kg) of force (Video)
  • Meets Military MIL-STD-810 Standards for temperature, altitude, humidity, shock, dust and vibration
  • Dual Pointing Devices (Touchpad & Pointing Stick)
  • Night Light on earlier models (ThinkLight Alternative) and Backlit keyboards on newer ones
  • Spill-resistant keyboard
  • Attractive and Modern All metal design

There has been a lot of talking on the internet that HP laptops run hotter than usual and these are no exception. If you do decide to get an EliteBook, it’s best to reapply the Thermal Paste compound right away, this pretty much fixes all the heat issues.

Medium Sized Laptop (14-15 inches)
If you don’t know which size to get, just get these. These also have very aggressive battery options which can last through an entire day.


6930p (14.1” Core 2 Duo G3) – ~$130, $160
8530p (15.4” Core 2 Duo G3) – ~$170, $195
8440p (14.1” Core i-series G1) – ~$190, $220
8540p (15.6” Core i-series G1) – ~$230, $270
8460p (14” Core i-series G2) -~$260, $280
8560p (15.6” Core-iseries G2) -~$360, $400
8470p (14” Core i-series G3) – ~$360, $420


Small and Portable Laptop (12 inches)
Yep, small and Portable


2530p (12.1” Core 2 Duo G3) – ~$100, $140
2540p (12.1” Core i-series G1) – ~$190, $210
2560p (12.5” Core i-series G2) – ~$250, $270
2570p (12.5” Core-iseries G3) -~$390, $420


Tablet PC (12.1 inch convertible laptop)
A bit smaller than the 12” EliteBook 25*0p series and lacks a DVD Drive but has a twisting screen and tablet functionality using Wacom Penabled technology providing 256 levels of pressure sensitivity.


HP EliteBook:
2730p (Core 2 Duo G3) – ~$100, $130
2740p (Core i-series G1) -~$180, $210
2760p (Core i-series G2) – ~$430

HP Compaq:
2710p (Core 2 Duo G1) – ~$100

Mobile Workstation (AKA huge laptop 15-17”)
These are massive laptops, but have the power to back it up.


8530w (15.4” Core 2 Duo G3) – ~$190, $220
8730w (17” Core 2 Duo G3) -~$220, $250
8440w (14” Core i-series G1) -~$290, $320
8540w (15.6” Core i-series G1) -~$310, $330
8460w (14” Core i-series G2) – ~$450


Where do you find one this cheap?
eBay, Craigslist, Trading Post, stuff like that.

Processor and Chipset Generations:

  • Core Duo/Core 2 Duo G1 = Yonah/Merom Socket M (Napa Centrino Platform)
  • Core 2 Duo G2 = Merom Socket P/Penryn 800 (Santa Rosa Centrino Platform)
  • Core 2 Duo G3 = Penryn 1066 (Montevina Centrino Platform)
  • Core i-series G1 = Arrandale (Capella Centrino Platform)
  • Core i-series G2 = Sandy Bridge (Huron River Centrino Platform)
  • Core i-series G3 = Ivy Bridge (Chief River Centrino Platform)
  • Core i-series G4 = Haswell (Shark Bay Centrino Platform)
  • Core M = Broadwell-Y

These are the current prices in the US.
Prices are in $USD

Pictures (c) Hewlett Packard

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