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Last Updated on: April 22, 2022

“It is one of those tools that you simply don’t realize you need until you see it in action, and then you wondered how you actually lived without it.”  – A user of the WP reset tool

The above statement by a user is strong enough to tell about the tool and how it has completely changed the phase for WordPress developers. It is considered to be one of the most useful tools. Now, if you are a WordPress developer but are not familiar with the WP reset tool, here is a brief description of the same.

What is The WP Reset Tool?

The WP is known for WordPress Plugin as its short form. So WP reset is a tool in WordPress Development that is used to reset the site’s database to the default installation values without modifying any previous files or folders. It simply deletes all customizations and content, or only the chosen parts like theme settings and other settings. WP reset tools are completely safe and secure to use on a daily basis due to the built-in snapshots which provide 1-click restore functionality. Such like that, WP reset follows multiple safe mechanisms that do not allow data to get lost. Therefore, it is very much helpful for plugin and theme developers. It speeds up testing & debugging by enhancing the reset settings and re-test code. WP Reset is the only WP development tool for non-developers that enables advanced reset.


The WP Reset tool is only prone to a cross-site scripting vulnerability because it fails to properly sanitize user-supplied input. Therefore, an attacker can take advantage of this vulnerability to execute arbitrary script code in the browser of an unsuspecting user in the context of the affected site. This can make the attacker steal cookie-based authentication credentials and launch other attacks. Therefore, this needs to be taken care of while using the plugin.

Where Can It Be Used?

When WordPress developers develop solutions such as themes, plugins, or any custom solution, the database connected to the website tends to get bigger. When developing these solutions, when the user adds new and complex features, to test them, databases need to be empty in order to properly test them. Therefore, in this situation WP Reset tool helps the user to easily test the features by emptying the database without actually deleting its content.

WP Reset is a free WordPress plugin that can be used with different kinds of plugins to execute this operation. In simple words, the rest tool primarily focuses on resetting the data and executing any plugin, theme, or uploads.

So what does this WP Reset plugin reset?

  • All default WordPress tables,
  • All custom tables with the same prefix.

Features Of WP Reset Tool

As it is said that the tool is very much versatile, here are some other points that make it one of the best tools for WordPress developers.


Snapshot is the only tool that can help you in every sketchy situation that you face while developing something on WordPress. This tool automatically takes snapshots of the site before it is gone.

Before updating any plugin, remove one, and the tool will automatically take a snapshot of it. Therefore, it can be a blessing in many situations where you lose sudden changes made to a file or plugin. Using this feature, you can always restore the last edited file.


Collections are the second important thing that makes this plugin so different and useful from others. Using this, you can always install all of your favorite tools within one click.

All you need to do is create a collection and add your favorite plugin to it. After that, the WP reset tool will automatically install all of them for you.

Emergency Recovery Tool

The Emergency Recovery Tool is a standalone script that makes it independent of anything present on your WP files. This means that recovering a file is simpler than ever before. All you need to do is open the site via your secure link and it will get open for you.

Using the secure link, you can also disable and enable the plugins that you have attached to the site.

The Cloud

It is one of the most useful features you can have. It allows you to store all of your files in the cloud. Cloud ensures that you have the backup of everything. It can easily store all the snapshots and collections.

All of those who use WP Reset PRO get cloud storage of dropbox, google drive, and cloud to store their files.

What’s Best & Unique About WP Reset?

Snapshots – Your Personal Time Machine

This is the best feature of the WP Reset tool that would help every user in updating a plugin or a file. If you face any problem with the current state of your file, you can always go back whenever you want.

Emergency Recovery Tool – A Superhero

Emergency recovery tools can be a life savior in many situations. While developing a website on WordPress, there are several problems that may concur that can also lead to the sudden shutdown of the website. In such a situation, you can always recover your previous state with just one click.

Cleaning Tools

With this tool, you can remove all the junk that is left behind using just a single click. Some of the cleaning tools are mentioned below:

  • delete any content type(posts, menus, pages)
  • delete widgets
  • reset theme options
  • reset user roles


Just like these features, there are many more features linked with the WP Reset tool that can do wonders for a WordPress developer. It is a complete white label solution that can be customized as per user needs. Therefore if you are a WordPress developer, don’t forget to try out this tool. You won’t go back once you start using this tool. Happy developing!!


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