Wpstarterpack.com Vs. Net-hub.com: Which One Is Better3 min read

Last Updated on: September 19, 2021

As a new blogger, investing more in plugins and themes available on different sites isn’t easy. In such a case, GPL sites are the only solution to help you out. You can get your desired product on a low budget or at an almost affordable price.

WP Starter Pack and Net-hub are among those GPL sites you can use for downloading both plugins and themes. As these platforms are pretty safe to rely on, which one should you go for and why? So, this comparison of wpstarterpack.com vs. net-hub.com will help you decide.

Comparison of Wpstarterpack.com Vs. Net-hub.com

If you care about your time and money, this article is for you. We’ll compare some of the features of each website so that you can pick one according to your needs. So, let’s go ahead and start right now.

Freedom of Use

The first factor every blogger should look for is freedom, which we have in GPL-licensed software. Before choosing a site, check whether it’s offering GPL products or not. In this context, both WP Starter Pack and NetHub provide GPL plugins and themes. So, a tie.

Number of Products

No one uses hundreds of plugins on their site nor multiple themes at a time. If you are looking for your desired plugins or themes, you can find them on these sites. But from which platform can you directly download what you need?

If we talk about the total products, WP Starter Pack offers 454 plugins and 153 themes. In contrast, NetHub provides a total of 1587 items. So, there is a greater possibility that you’ll find your product on NetHub. 

Monthly Updates

We all know that the internet and applications on it are vulnerable to attacks by malware or viruses. To avoid such issues, you should keep everything updated. Both WP Starter Pack and NetHub keep their products updated and offer monthly updates. So, again a tie. 

Refund Policy

We all think about a refund when purchasing any product because we are not sure whether it’ll work or not. So, you do not get a refund unless and until the product you bought is usable. If they were unable to make the product working, you’d get a refund then.

Pricing: Paid or Free

The final important factor to consider before making a purchase is checking the price tag. Most of the products on NetHub are almost free, and you only have to pay for a subscription, whether monthly or annual. 

However, WP Starter Pack charges some amount, but you get savings all the time on your purchases. If you have some initial budget to invest, you can go for this GPL site.

Final Words: Wpstarterpack.com Vs. Net-hub.com

Finally, you have a clear insight into both these sites, and you can decide which one is right for you. But we recommend NetHub if you have just started your blogging journey. So, what are you waiting for? Just visit the site and download what you need.

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